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Achieve your dream kitchen. Remodel with these top tips from a Taupo kitchens designer.

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Karin Roestenburg, Taupo kitchen designer, has these ten top tips for planning your kitchen design or kitchen renovation.

1. Start with how you live, cook. Are you a kitchen gadget collector, a master chef in the making, a keen baker? This determines the cabinetry and space you need to meet those needs. Understanding how you operate in your kitchen will ensure the functionality of your kitchen design.

2. Design starts with inspiration such as Pinterest, but don't rely on achieving these designs as they are created mainly by graphic designers and are not often real or functional.

3. Appliance selection needs to work with your kitchen design having these picked prior helps ensure the designer can incorporative them properly into your design.

4. Select your tapware and sink based on durability, functionality, quality no one wants extra plumbing costs when the tap breaks or sink leaks, especially if this requires removing whole bench tops.

5. Benchtops - stone is high end luxury that adds value to your kitchen, Laminate has come along way in its options and durability and is a good fun budget friendly option.

6. Not all kitchen renovation builders in Taupo are equal. Research their past projects, qualifications, ensure they are licensed and insured. Always engage more than one quote, and remember cheaper is not always the best as it could indicate a lack of experience, shortcuts, or mistakes in pricing.

7. Support local where available, don't be fooled by cheap on-line alternatives, they are often cheap for a reason, no warranty, no repair service, parts that are hard to get.

8. Buy New Zealand made and you won't end up disappointed.

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