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Floorplan tips for renovation from a Taupo builder

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

What creates your bliss from a space? Is it seamless functionality combined with clever aesthetics? This can be achieved through following these simple floor design tips.

1. Measure your current space, assess how this space is working and not working for you, list these down.

2. What is the exterior, interior flow like?

3. What is the environmental quality like? is it too hot, too cold not enough light, basically ask yourself are you and those residing in the space comfortable? list what needs to change to make it a comfortable space.

4. Measure your furniture that you want to use it that space, and then assess how much room that takes up.

5. Now write down how your lifestyle works within that space, are you social people and need more space to entertain or do you love cooking and need more storage and functionality, do you have children and need to accommodate for their growing needs or safety or are you aging and need to accommodate not been able to bend down to low cupboards.

6. Now write down the aesthetical look you want to achieve and with the help of a certified builder you can create a floor plan that will be functional for you, use your furniture and be environmentally comfortable.

Check out Home comforts by Peter McDowall, Branz Building Physicist for details on achieving a comfortable home environment.

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