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Taupo Certified Builder on Renovation Dreams verses Renovation Practicality

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

It is crucial in renovations not to have your head in the clouds but firmly on the ground.

Its a step by step process.

1. what are you trying to achieve and why?

2. Will it add value to your house or improve the functionality of your house or is purely cosmetic?

3. If its cosmetic will you be over capitalizing in your house or is this your long term home and will make you happy, these questions need to be asked.

4. Budget - is it realistic for what your trying to achieve

5. Planning - timeframe renovations are stressful if your not realistic about the time it takes and the inconvenience it creates, and been flexible to problems occurring as in renovations a builder doesn't know what might be lurking behind that wall, a leak may have occurred and framing could be rotten.

6. Products, they may look great but they may not be practical for your house, it is important to look at the suitability and durability.

Unrealistic dreams create nightmares. Careful planning creates dream spaces.

Always get advice from professionals before you attempt any renovations.

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