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Taupo Interior Designer shares tricks of the trade

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Taupo interior designer Nadine, creator of the featured Lockwood show home in Taupo gives us insights to creating your dream interior.

1. Styling your home takes time. Enjoy the process of finding the right pieces that make you smile and fit your home space properly.

2. Echo colours or textures. Her first tip is to take a colour or texture that you love in your home and use it through out as an accent, creating unity throughout your home.

3. Artwork provides a statement and its placement and background is crucial to that statement. Average eye sight level is 145cm, used by art gallery's when hanging pieces. The background needs to be a blank canvas so your art can shine.

4. Each room has a different function, styling the room based around its purpose will ensure your create a space that is practical.

5. Colour - space doesn't restrict colours. It is how your incorporate them in the space that matters. Colour is a great way to project your personality.

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