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Thinking of renovating your bathroom? Top tips from Taupo builder Caleb Peterson

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

All dream spaces are created from a plan. Breaking down the process achieves the space you want.

1. Establish what you want to achieve from your renovation project, ask yourself what is the spaces intended purpose?

2. Then examine how the current space is functioning, what's working what's not. Is it too small, what is storage like, what is the space lacking ?

3. Then write what you want out of the space.

4. The next step is to determine is what you want out of the space achievable, will you be altering the external envelope of the building? or can you use the space as is by reconfiguring the current layout without changing the building's external envelope and in turn not having to apply for building consent. If you wish to change the building footprint you then need follow the building consent process and allow for these additional costs.

5. If changing your external layout of building, do your research first, check plot coverage, district regulations for your area, save time and money by ensuring your changes are permitted.

6. Write a list of what you currently have that can be used, such as appliances, cupboards, is your kitchen just in need of a paint and new handles, a lot of older homes joinery is built to last and can be modernized.

7. The next step is to engage a licensed builder to create a plan, as they will be able to determine if that wall you no longer want is able to come down or if its a support beam and you have to come up with another option.

8. Create a mood board for your space, with colours, flooring ideas fixtures. Putting the elements you like together will visually allow you to determine the look you want to create.

9. Engage the experts for advice.

10. Don't rush a renovation do your ground work first it makes the whole experience more enjoyable and time efficient if everything is arranged and decided prior to the physical work beginning. It will save you money if all your elements are decided prior to building work beginning as it avoids delays which is an extra cost to you.

11. Remember dreams spaces are created from a plan.

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