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Taupo builder encourages planning for technology

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

As we replaced our stero system and speakers with the Sonos 5 I loved that it created more space and more minimalist feel to our kitchen, but at the same time provided better quality of music and the freedom of using anyone's phone anywhere in the house to play music, it is this type of technology that can really decutter our homes and provide a more functional space.

When renovating it's the perfect time to upgrade the technology in your home. There is a large number of smart home automation systems on the market that really make life simplier. Been able to access your lighting, heating, security, audio all from one device really makes that evening rush to sort the family and dinner are far more relaxing experience, image getting your heating, music to cook too lighting all sorted at a push of a button.

Using technology enables us to be energy efficient and in turn cost efficient in running our homes. Setting timers for heating and cooling, controlling lighting all contribute to been more energy efficient.

Secuirty keypad locks, phone connections ensures the safety of your family, also no stress if you lose your keys!

Embracing technology in your home is no longer limited to the electronics its scope allows for a more efficient running of your home.

For more information on how to incorporate technology into your home contact the Goodwood Building Ltd team, they are certified builders in Taupo.

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