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The evolution of tapware - comments from a Taupo builder

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Are you researching new kitchens in Taupo? Perhaps you are considering bathroom renovations? Gone are the days of 'do you want chrome round or chrome square taps'? The market has exploded with brushed nickel, black, gun metal, and now its marble , and my new favourite, ombre.

When choosing your new tapware the first question I would ask, from a certified builders viewpoint, is what is my water pressure ? As majority of these new taps are designed for mains pressure. Upgrading your hot water cylinder to mains or gas is the first place to start so not only you can get the look of these stunning new taps but so you can enjoy the right pressure and reduce your power bill allowing you to sell the idea of buying these new stunning tap wares to your partner when they see the price!

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