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The Goodwood team made the building process seamless.  Communication was clear from the outset of the project and their team of sub-contractors were highly professional.  Thanks Caleb and Jo for 'making my reno look nice and pretty'. 

Jo and Caleb work as an excellent team, nothing was too much trouble. I was impressed by how Caleb was able to find effective solutions to a number of difficult problems for an old house in its original state. He communicated these solutions in a way that was easily understood. I gave Jo some ideas about how we wanted the completed kitchen to look and she gave a number of ideas which we could evaluate and we now have a very workable kitchen. I would highly recommend Goodwood Renovations high standard of workmanship.

We brought a 1970’s house that had been relocated from Acacia Bay. It had been painted throughout and had some very average flooring. It had been rented out for some years and was in tired condition. The bathroom/toilet/wash house/kitchen were in need of something more than a new paint job and vinyl, and that’s when we found Goodwood Renovations

Jo came and talked to us, listened to what we wanted to do and came up with solutions. The entire inside of the house was ripped up and put back. The end result was so much better than expected and we just love it! Jo talked us through what was going on and kept us informed throughout with photos, emails and phone calls. As we aren’t yet based in Taupo this was very re-assuring and helped us allow her and the Goodwood team to do such an amassing job.

Did it go over time? Yes it did, but we were kept informed and it wasn’t unexpected

Did it go over budget? No it didn’t. Talking through it before the start we were able to remove things that could be deferred to a later date to keep us on track

We highly recommend Goodwood Renovations!

From the Sato-Thompson’s

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